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Vastaanotettu Hilmaan2023-09-14
Ilmoituksen numero2023-136618
TED numero2023/S 180-563292
OstajaorganisaatioFintraffic Railway Ltd (2512095-7 )
Palkkatilanportti 1
FI- Helsinki
Hankinnan otsikkotiedotRequest for participation: Lielahti-Rauma/Pori ERTMS Signalling system
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Hankinnan lyhyt kuvausFinland’s current train control system is approaching the end of its life cycle. The service life of the system will expire around the end of the 2020s. For Finland, the next logical step is to move to a European railway traffic management system (ERTMS) and a modern radio based ETCS (European Train Control System). The regulation also obliges to renew the system, as Finland, as an EU Member State, must update the systems to be compatible with European systems. The Trans-European Transport Network, TEN-T, must be equipped with ERTMS in order to guarantee interoperability. The new railway alignments also require a new type of train control, as stipulated by the EU. Finland has committed to the implementation of ERTMS on its national railway network. The ERTMS implementation is to be carried out by a national ERTMS program called Digirail, involving the Ministry of Transport and Communication, other Government agencies, and all identified stakeholder companies. Digirail is important part of the 12-year National Transport System Plan. The first phase of the implementation plan is to be carried out on the line from Lielahti to Rauma and Pori, covering approx. 190 kilometres of track. This will be the first implementation of radio based ETCS on a commercial track in Finland and it is expected that construction will be carried out in 2025-2026, commissioning taking place Q4/2026. The procurement consists of the ERTMS Signalling System in area Lielahti-Rauma and Pori in Finland.
Hankintanimikkeistö (CPV) pääParts of railway or tramway locomotives or rolling stock; railways traffic-control equipment (34630000)
Hankintanimikkeistö (CPV) muutElectrical signalling equipment for railways (34632200)
Railway traffic control software package (48140000)
Railway engineering services (71311230)
Railway traffic control software development services (72212140)
Railways traffic-control equipment (34632000)
Railway signalling works (45234115)
Transport equipment and auxiliary products to transportation (34000000)
Pääasiallinen suorituspaikkaWestern Finland