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Vastaanotettu Hilmaan2023-11-17
Ilmoituksen numero2023-139636
TED numero
OstajaorganisaatioVTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd (2647375-4 )
P.O. Box 1000, VTT
FI-02044 Espoo
Hankinnan otsikkotiedotProcurement for Collaboration Platform
Hankinnan yhteenlaskettu kokonaisarvo koko ajalle (ilman alv:ta) arvio
Hankinnan yhteenlaskettu kokonaisarvo koko ajalle (ilman alv:ta) lopullinen
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Hankinnan lyhyt kuvausVTT is an applied science research organization that has approximately 2300 employees working in different fields of research, sales or similar support roles. It is a Finnish, fully state-owned limited liability company and thus subject to public tender procedures. During the Covid-19 pandemia, VTT recognized the need for a better collaboration platform to support distant and hybrid work. With it being impossible to meet face-to-face, a tool for workshopping and ideating over Teams calls or similar became of paramount importance for us to be able succeed in our work. That need has continued into the hybrid era of working. We do a lot of internal workshopping and ideation, but collaborating with externals is extremely important too so that should be as easy and flexible as possible. To that end, we experimented on a few tools and started using Miro first on a small scale and then with an Enterprise account in the spring of 2021. However, this was done as a smaller, pilot scale purchase and now we have a need to open a public tender to procure a service / solution that can fulfill our needs in the future. Regarding our budget, we have an upper limit of 40 000 € (VAT 0 %) per annum. Tenders over 40 000 € per annum shall be excluded. The object of the tender process is described in more detail in the invitation to tender documents.
Hankintanimikkeistö (CPV) pääIT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support (72000000)
Hankintanimikkeistö (CPV) muutSoftware-related services (72260000)
Software package and information systems (48000000)
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