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Vastaanotettu Hilmaan2023-09-13
Ilmoituksen numero2023-136472
TED numero2023/S 179-561622
OstajaorganisaatioVTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd (2647375-4 )
P.O. Box 1000, VTT
FI-02044 Espoo
Hankinnan otsikkotiedotHigh resolution LC-MS
Hankinnan yhteenlaskettu kokonaisarvo koko ajalle (ilman alv:ta) arvio
Hankinnan yhteenlaskettu kokonaisarvo koko ajalle (ilman alv:ta) lopullinen
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Hankinnan lyhyt kuvausThe object of the tender process is LC-MS/MS high resolution mass spectrometer with UHPLC chromatography system (later also “Equipment”). The technical specification of the equipment to be supplied is discussed in Annex1_Technical. The objective is to find one professional supplier that can guarantee a high standard of quality and who is capable of providing the High resolution LC-MS and installation and user training in its entirety. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd will choose one supplier from among the tenderers. VTT’s budget for the procurement is 500 000 € (VAT 0%). THE PROCUREMENT PROCEDURE The procurement procedure is a competitive negotiation procedure. Phase I: participation phase In the first phase of the procurement procedure, candidates are asked to submit an application for participation in the tender. In order to submit an application for participation, a candidate must meet all the eligibility requirements, minimum technical requirements and other requirements set out in the request for participation documents. VTT selects minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 tenderers from the candidates who have submitted a participation application, to whom an invitation to negotiate is sent. The selection criteria are the tenderers references (the tenderers suitability as a supplier of the equipment). VTT makes a separate decision on the selection of tenderers. Those selected for negotiations will be sent a detailed meeting invitation. Phase II: Negotiation phase During the negotiation phase, VTT negotiates separately with each negotiation partner. According to the preliminary plan, the negotiations will take place during fall 2023. During the negotiations, VTT's samples will be tested with the tenderer's equipment. The tests are described in "Annex2_Instrument Testing". The purpose of the negotiations is to obtain information on the following matters, on the basis of which a final comparison of offers and a procurement decision can be made: • Usability of the equipment • Operation of the software • Practical performance After the test runs, the offers are evaluated and compared using the comparison criteria stated in the invitation to tenders. The selection criteria for the comparison of offers in phase 2 are presented in the "Grounds for decision" section of the participation application. The price of the equipment is requested in the phase 2 tender request. The winner of the tender competition will be decided on the basis of the phase 2 comparison. The object of the tender process is described in more detail in the invitation to tender documents.
Hankintanimikkeistö (CPV) pääLaboratory, optical and precision equipments (excl. glasses) (38000000)
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