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Vastaanotettu Hilmaan2023-05-24
Ilmoituksen numero2023-129338
TED numero2023/S 101-314252
OstajaorganisaatioFinavia Oyj (2302570-2 )
Lentäjäntie 3
FI-01531 Vantaa
Hankinnan otsikkotiedotFinavia: Branded F&B outlet to Helsinki Airport - Concession Notice - Request to Participate
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Hankinnan lyhyt kuvausFinavia grants possession of business premises at the Schengen airside of Helsinki Airport, to Operator specializing in offering trendy and branded F&B atmosphere and F&B products. In our vision this branded F&B outlet provides passengers the “trendiest and coolest” place to enjoy high-quality refreshments and relax a little before heading onto their flights. Branded concept refers to a concept that is familiar and well-known to passengers of Helsinki Airport from downtown market. The concept shall be recognizable and the concept as well as the products shall appeal especially to the “next gen” (millennials and gen z) passengers of Helsinki Airport. The unit is located in the “upstairs” of Schengen terminal and it has a unique outdoor terrace for passengers to enjoy their drinks and snacks in. The unit requires a unique, high-end design with high-quality natural interior surface materials and look&feel. The product portfolio of the unit shall be easy to comprehend and it is strongly communicating trendy and cool option for passengers to enjoy their time in. The unit shall offer a well-defined, inviting selection of competitively priced food items as well as, hot beverages and other refreshments as specified in the procurement documentation. Alcoholic beverages may be offered in the unit, but Finavia is not looking for a concept that is a bar or a pub. As take-away products bought either in combinations or separately will form some amount of sales in the airport, tenderer shall show high competence, creativity and understanding in selecting the right products, product combinations and practical product packages for both eat-in and take-away. A skilled and dedicated staff creates a pleasant ambience. Excellent customer service is one of the key objectives, for which it is salient that the opening hours of all the premises of the airport are unified. Finavia shall be entitled to determine the opening hours towards this objective from time to time, and separate seasonal hours may apply. The duration of the concession shall be five (5) years. Premises will be leased so that the successful Tenderer, "Operator", pays the Airport an agreed percentage of turnover generated each month at Helsinki Airport, but at least a business plan based minimum collaboration fee (Minimum Annual Guarantee, MAG). The Unit: Ref. of floor plan: 3789 Size: approximately 219,5 m² (incl. terrace/balcony area) T2 Schengen airside The Collaboration Agreement will enter into force (Commencement day) May 2023 on estimation. The construction of the premises is planned to be conducted May-June 2023. The opening date is planned to be 1st of July 2023. Finavia reserves the right to schedule changes due to unforeseen events and issues - and will confirm dates one (1) month prior Commencement date and the date of opening the Unit. The visual and interior design and the furnishing as well as all technical plans must be approved by Finavia before start of construction. Tenderer shall commit to provide Finavia with required technical drawings of the concept.
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