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Vastaanotettu Hilmaan2023-05-23
Ilmoituksen numero2023-129156
TED numero
OstajaorganisaatioBusiness Finland Oy (2725690-3 )
PL 358
FI-00181 Helsinki
Hankinnan otsikkotiedotFocused investors searches (FIS) on ICT companies in DACH primarily
Hankinnan yhteenlaskettu kokonaisarvo koko ajalle (ilman alv:ta) arvio170 000 EUR
Hankinnan yhteenlaskettu kokonaisarvo koko ajalle (ilman alv:ta) lopullinen
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Hankinnan lyhyt kuvausThe tenderer must name at least one (1) lead expert taking care of the assignments. The tenderer may use also other named experts for the tasks, but workload of the named lead expert must be at least 70 per cent of total workload of the tasks. The main task of the lead expert is to contact mutually agreed target companies and establish an investment-related discussion connection with the target company. The eventual target of each connection is to get the customer to invest. Typically, an investment we are looking for is about setting up an R&D or innovation center or team. The expected investment size to Finland may be initially small, e.g. hire a five R&D engineers in Finland. For contacting, the regional key target markets are DACH countries (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland). Other possible markets are Western European countries. Most of the work can be done by contacting the target companies over phone calls or e-mails. The Service is described in more detail in Appendix 1 Description of the procurement.
Hankintanimikkeistö (CPV) pääBusiness services: law, marketing, consulting, recruitment, printing and security (79000000)
Hankintanimikkeistö (CPV) muutBusiness and management consultancy and related services (79400000)
AluekoodiAT, DE, CH
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