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Vastaanotettu Hilmaan2023-01-20
Ilmoituksen numero2023-117969
TED numero2023/S 018-050591
OstajaorganisaatioYleisradio Oy (0215438-8 )
Uutiskatu 5
FI-00240 Helsinki
Hankinnan otsikkotiedotYle News and Current Affairs Studio LED Walls
Hankinnan yhteenlaskettu kokonaisarvo koko ajalle (ilman alv:ta) arvio
Hankinnan yhteenlaskettu kokonaisarvo koko ajalle (ilman alv:ta) lopullinen
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Hankinnan lyhyt kuvausThe new LED walls will be located in Mediatalo 2nd floor in Finland, Helsinki, at the Pasila News studio area. The preliminary launch for the new scenography is Q3 2023. To clarify the entity, the products and services covered by this procurement can be divided into the following parts: 1. LED Walls, consisting of high-res and wallpaper LED walls for studio C (300m2) and studio D (85m2), including the necessary metal frameworks and other hardware for fully functioning studio LED walls (Later referred as “Supplies”). 2. Delivery project, including the services carried out by the Supplier in order to set up the Solution, such as project lead, planning, deliveries, commission, training, installation and documentation (Later referred as “Delivery Project”). 3. Support Services, including the warranty, support, spare parts, possible maintenance measures and other additional expert services that may be purchased for at least for a period of five years under the agreement made by the parties (Later referred as “Support Services”). One supplier will be chosen as a contracting party (Later ‘Supplier’) as a result of this bidding competition. Tendering time is extended to make sure that the tenderers have enough time to prepare their tenders.
Hankintanimikkeistö (CPV) pääGraphic display panels (31682230)
Hankintanimikkeistö (CPV) muutVideo monitors (32323000)
Installation services (except software) (51000000)
Hardware installation services (51611100)
Technical planning services (71356400)
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